Sensitive Tango

Sensitive Tango is an applicative form Sensitive Dance, it breaks down the thin lines between couples when dancing together, those subtle dynamics  when two people dance together as one, in space and time, and the body dialogue, which music, the common denominator, is able to generate and stimulate at the same time. The quality of the contact between the persons is emphasized  along with the relationship that is created, searching for the conscious, hedonistic and interpretative aspects in improvisation and liberty of composition, the soul of dance in its deepest essence.
By the analysis of movements the capacity to hear is stimulated ..ourselves…the other/s and the space we move in … and that moves around us .
The use of the arts of listening and sensitiveness are stimulated. Body energy, both static and dynamic, improvisation techniques along with individual/couple improvisation go hand in hand with the simplicity that is innate to them.

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